b2b marketing

Is Emotional Connection the Missing Link in Your B2B Marketing?

B2C marketing always takes the credit for being emotionally evocative, creative, and envelope-pushing. B2B marketing, on the other hand, has tended to lean in favor of a more rational approach to marketing. With a more stern, business-like attitude, B2B marketers attempt to appeal to buyers based on business value. Several years ago, Google teamed up[…]

Fintech Thought Leadership That Impacts Decision Makers

What is Fintech Thought Leadership? Fintech thought leadership taps into a company’s domain expertise to create content that adds value by presenting helpful information and/or solutions about and for pain points and problems their target audience has. Thought leadership can take the form of a video, white paper, ebook, article, Q&A, event, webinar, case study,[…]

payments trends

Fintech Focus: Payments Trends 2019

In looking ahead to payments trends in 2019, a few things are clear: payments technology is advancing exponentially, payments infrastructure is shifting, and there is increased collaboration between incumbents and fintechs. Given these knowns, its likely that some payments trends will include product commoditization as well as the convergence of services. Payments companies then need[…]

thought leadership

Thought Leadership: The Differentiator for Payments Companies in 2019

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing different fintech marketing and content marketing strategies on this blog, but I want to deep dive into payments. We’ve worked with a number of payments companies for the past several years and one thing is clear: the market is crowded. From payment processors to P2P payment apps to[…]

fintech blog

5 Steps to Successfully Launching a Fintech Blog

Fintech startups looking to get traction, gain awareness, and grow sales should consider launching a fintech blog. We’ve discussed the importance of fintech stories, though the concept of having a brand narrative can mean many things. “Telling a story” can be a sales presentation, the front page of your website, or any content that your[…]

fintech strategy

Why Your Fintech Strategy Needs Content Marketing

Customer preferences within the financial services industry are growing more sophisticated as people expect convenience and personalization. Fintechs have met consumers at this tricky intersection, disrupting much of the industry with innovative use of technologies. Through low-cost personalized products with customer-centric benefits, fintechs are poised to continue blockbuster growth through 2019. Just as differentiated and[…]

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The Content Marketing Naughty List

Content marketing is both a science and an art. Scientifically, you can measure, test, and distill down to the most effective tactics to achieve your marketing goals. On the other hand, there are more abstract concepts that can make or break a content marketing strategy. While mechanics are important, if you miss out on the[…]

roi-driven content

Fintech Marketing: 4 ROI-Driven Content Ideas

In the last article, we talked about some great written content ideas for fintechs to consider. Blog posts, white papers, and case studies all serve a number of purposes, including educating people about your products and services, generating leads, and enabling your audience to keep a pulse on the industry. Written content, however, isn’t the[…]

growth hacks for fintech

Content Growth Hacks for Fintech Startups Part II: Conversions

In Part I, we laid the groundwork for successful content growth hacks for fintech startups. As a refresher, growth hacking is centered on the fastest ways to increase revenue. With content, we’re looking at the fastest ways to see new revenue from content marketing activities. Some of the ways to do this are to: Increase[…]

fintech startups

Content Growth Hacks for Fintech Startups Part I: The Formula

Whether you’re a fintech giant or brand new startup, growth hacking is a great way to increase revenue. It’s an especially appealing tool for fintech startups that may be slightly hamstrung by budget and lack the internal resources to have a powerhouse marketing team. While we don’t doubt the influence or talent of a sole[…]