Roundup: December 2021’s Best Fintech & Marketing Stories

Aaaand scene! We’ve officially reached the end of 2021. It’s been a bumpy road to recovery but it seems as though there may be an end in sight, just as we move into a new beginning. Speaking of new beginnings, if you’re looking to launch content marketing at your organization or aiming to take it to the next level in 2022, reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to talk through your thoughts and offer some of ours to ensure you get started on the right foot. In the meantime, we’ve rounded up the top stories in December.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting stories around fintech and marketing and…fintech marketing from December. 

Top Fintech News from Around the Web

How to write a resume that will get you a job in fintech — Fintech is perhaps one of the most sought-after industries to break into in 2021 and beyond. For those coming from banking backgrounds, the question remains: how do I make the transition? Whether you’re looking for programming gigs or leadership roles, fintech opportunities abound. And recruiters are hungry for the top talent in what Jonathan Pomeranz, New York-based head of the fintech practice and co-head of financial services at True Search describes as a “total war for talent”. This article explores the right way to craft a resume that will catch the eye of recruiters in fintech. 

Nubank IPO: What’s Next For Warren Buffett’s Fintech Pick? —  Nu Holding’s IPO on 12/9 was considered a success, with shares originally priced at $9 ended the trading day above $10. In looking at future movement, investors should consider that Nu Holdings  is a disruptor in the financial services space, making it a young, high-growth company. One of the most important factors to consider is likely going to be the general direction of the stock market as stocks like these are often swayed by macroeconomic factors and market moods. Wall Street Memes talks about the key catalysts that could impact the share price in the next few weeks.

The Commoditization Of FinTech 1.0, Part One — According to this article, the booming fintech industry is actually experiencing a commoditization trend due to lack of differentiation among fintech innovations. Technology makes it easy for competitors to replicate processes and products. “The problem for companies deploying such tools is the easy competition they attract. In order to protect themselves and their profit, they need to differentiate themselves to survive.

In part two, we’ll explore what might happen next and provide some tips for how fintech companies can differentiate themselves.”

7 Tech Trends that will Change the Fintech Industry in 2022 — “AI adoption in the financial industry was quite slow before the pandemic. When the world locked down, it finally pushed financial institutions and their partners around the globe to automate the rest of their banking services and make them more customer centric. What does the future hold in store for 2022? Here are seven fintech trends to keep an eye on…”

Top Content Rewired Posts from December

And of course, here’s a curation of Content Rewired’s top posts from December:

How to Find the Absolute Best B2B Fintech Copywriters — It’s no secret that great copywriters can be hard to come by. In B2B fintech? Even harder. Despite the challenges, well-equipped marketing departments understand the importance of having access to great copywriters. The way you present your brand through your thought leadership can significantly impact business growth and position your business as a trusted resource. Foregoing great content can do the opposite. This article walks you through how to find the best B2B fintech copy and content writers. 

How Much Should Fintech Content Marketing Cost? It’s the top question of any marketing leader looking to launch or improve upon a content marketing program. Of course, the answer depends on a variety of factors and can also vary by region, scope, and complexity of your content marketing needs. Successful content marketing means having a solid strategy to build upon, the ability to produce and promote content, and the motivation to measure, analyze, and improve over time. We’ll walk you through some potential price ranges for each of these things to give you a better sense of what to expect. 

How to Amp Up Your Tech Content Conversions — When it comes to tech marketing, conversions are king. Directing potential customers to take action is paramount, and many organizations leverage content to drive those actions. If you’re looking for ways to boost your lead generation and optimize conversions, this article will walk you through how to improve conversions and hit your marketing goals. 

Looking for more in-depth fintech marketing tools and content? Check out one of our helpful guides: 

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