Roundup: October 2022’s Best Fintech & Marketing Stories

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This month’s roundup looks at several different trends making headlines – from open banking to the balance between innovation and regulation. We also feature our own articles from the month to give you helpful advice and tips on putting your best marketing foot forward if you operate in the fintech space. 

As always, if you’re looking to elevate to the next level of content marketing at your organization and produce more consistent, interesting content in 2022, reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to talk through your thoughts and offer some of ours to ensure you get started on the right foot. 

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the most interesting stories around fintech and marketing and…fintech marketing from October. 

Top Fintech News from Around the Web

How fintech got banks to come around on open banking — “It’s been 12 years since Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act, the largest Wall Street reform in American history. The effects of the bill have been far-reaching, but one key part, Section 1033, has been on hold all this time. The provision was meant to provide marching orders to banks and fintech firms looking to share data and grow their businesses by providing new digital services to customers, like budgeting software and online bill pay. Instead, it prolonged years of squabbling and competition between banks, fintech companies, and consumer advocacy groups, which couldn’t agree on how rules stemming from Section 1033 needed to be written. At stake was control over customer data, the ability to ensure secure online transactions, and a chance to shape a new era of digital banking.”

Is fintech losing its lustre for career changers? Tech startups have always presented an interesting value proposition over traditional industries. In addition to highly competitive pay, they offer opportunities to man the helm at companies paving the way to the future of technology. But the changing economic landscape has turned the tech sector bearish, causing major players to consider – and follow through on – layoffs in order to create a path to short-term profitability. How does this impact those looking to make a career change?

Blockchain & B2B is leading fintech growth, says Cardlay CEO —  Jørgen Christian Juul, CEO of Cardlay, says Blockchain and B2B fintechs are leading growth in the fintech space. Juul emphasizes the need for convincing routes toward profitability, including air-tight business plans and a solid understanding of what investors want. Even in economic uncertainty, investors will be looking for new companies to support. Blockchain looks to be a major component for increased efficiency and speed in financial services – and could disrupt legacy financial services in a big way. 

US Regulators Sound Cautious Note on FinTech Innovation —  There’s always been a fine line between innovation and risk in the financial services space – and it’s a line that is hard to define. Both banks and regulators know this, and it is an issue that came to the forefront of D.C. FinTech Week. Michael S. Barr, vice chairman for supervision at the Federal Reserve, noted that “We have seen through history that excitement over innovative financial products can lead to a pace of adoption that overwhelms our ability to assess and manage underlying vulnerabilities.”

Top B2B Fintech Content Rewired Posts from October

And of course, here’s a curation of Content Rewired’s top posts from October:

Emerging B2B Fintech Marketing Trends to Watch, Part I — What’s in store for the future of fintech? More will certainly be revealed. In the meantime, the landscape is evolving in real time and new B2B fintech marketing trends are emerging. As marketing becomes a critical component for continued success, this article looks at the best ways to establish solid relationships with prospects and customers by embracing current and emerging trends in the space.  

The Fintech’s Guide to B2B Content Marketing on LinkedIn —  When it comes to marketing, which channels are best? LinkedIn is a promising channel for B2B companies that use it right. For B2B fintechs, LinkedIn can serve as a platform to publish thought leadership, engage with peers, and strike up new and interesting conversations. This article covers considerations for tapping LinkedIn as part of a holistic content marketing strategy – and how to use it to reach your target audience, spur conversation and engagement, and find new customers. 

Recipe for Credibility: Using Content to Win B2B Fintech Clients Credibility and relationship-building are key components to customer acquisition – and retention – for fintechs. Credibility can be hard to come by for new fintechs. Yes, effective products and solutions can build trust; however, the journey toward credibility begins even before a prospect or customer knows who you are. This article explores how content marketing can build credibility – and what is required to maintain that trust. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it thing. Rather, it requires active participation from your organization as well as skill, authenticity, and proactivity. 

Looking for more in-depth fintech marketing tools and content? Check out one of our helpful guides: 

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