Roundup: September 2022’s Best Fintech & Marketing Stories

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It’s finally here! Earlier this month, we launched our new Fintech Content Marketing Playbook. You can download this free guide to access -in-depth info on how to build audience personas, create a strategic content calendar, measure for success, differentiate your fintech message, and optimize for better results. We’ve already received great feedback and we’re open to any comments you’d like to share. 

This month’s roundup looks at several different trends making headlines – from fintech fundraising to increased regulatory scrutiny over bank-fintech partnerships. We also feature our own articles from the month to give you helpful advice and tips on putting your best marketing foot forward if you operate in the fintech space. 

As always, if you’re looking to elevate to the next level of content marketing at your organization and produce more consistent, interesting content in 2022, reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to talk through your thoughts and offer some of ours to ensure you get started on the right foot. 

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the most interesting stories around fintech and marketing and…fintech marketing from September. 

Top Fintech News from Around the Web

Warren Buffett’s Recent Purchases Are Indirect Bullish Signals For Fintech, Crypto — Warren Buffett is known for value investing, so his recent purchases may be a nod to the endurance of fintech. Despite his staunch stance that crypto has no intrinsic value, it seems as though he may be indirectly dipping his toes into more speculative assets.  

Sequence orders up $19M led by a16z for a new approach to B2B fintech  Sequence, a London, England-based startup is building what it describes as a new kind of FinOps stack for B2B businesses. It will leverage data and analytics to create APIs and other tools to create more responsive pricing, billing and related services. Sequence has raised $19 million, a seed round that it will be using to continue developing its products and hiring more talent.

Banks’ pursuit of fintech partnerships requires optimizing change management —  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken notice of the increasing rate of bank-fintech partnerships and has stepped up its oversight of fintech firms. Almost two out of every three banks and credit unions are a part of at least one fintech partnership over the past three years. And 35% have invested in a fintech firm according to a 2021 survey by Cornerstone Advisors. Even more plan to partner or invest with fintechs this year. What this means is that banks must employ a measured and controlled approach to adopting new services and products as regulators become more scrupulous. Oversight of these relationships should take priority as the CFPB keeps a close eye, and banks should have a compliance risk management framework for fintech partnerships. 

Fintech app Portabl raises $2.5M to help consumers securely store financial data —  Portabl, a fintech that provides identity management and protection for financial services, banking, and consumer apps, closed a $2.5 million seed round led by Harlem Capital Partners. Portabl, which launched its beta last week for institutional use, is much like a financial digital passport. Founder Nate Soffio says it should make user identification easier for consumers and financial services, weaning people off passwords and providing more ownership for consumers over their economic data. The app stores information used to access existing financial apps. When one of those apps is opened, a Portabl login appears, enabling users to log in quickly and easily in just two clicks. 

Top Content Rewired Posts from September

And of course, here’s a curation of Content Rewired’s top posts from September:

The Fintech Content Marketing Playbook: Your Ultimate Guide to Growth — Here’s the scoop on B2B fintech: 

  • Accenture did a study of CFOs where almost eight out of 10 (79% reported that the pandemic ramped up digital transformation for their organization. 
  • Mastercard studied small businesses across North America that showed more than three quarters (76%) reported shifting to more digitalization thanks to the pandemic, and 82% said they changed how their business sends and receives payments.
  • Forbes expects the number of B2B fintechs to triple in the next ten years – accounting for a surplus of $1T in total aggregate value.

In other words, it’s a great time to be in B2B fintech. But – and this is a big “but” – there are plenty of hurdles to overcome. Competition is fierce, so the ability to stand out will become exponentially more difficult. That’s where our playbook can help. 

Top B2B Fintech Content Marketing Mistakes —  B2B decision-makers love content – and most consume 13 pieces of it before making a purchasing decision. Content speaks volumes and can have a significant impact, yet many B2B fintechs are missing the boat when it comes to informative and entertaining content. Following an editorial calendar is a good start – but it’s not enough. In addition to “hitting all the notes,” organizations need to steer clear of some common mistakes that can lessen the impact of content marketing. Here are a few. 

Why Platforms Should Embrace Embedded FinTech Legacy infrastructures remain a festering pain point for many payment companies, many of whom are racing to digitize and keep up with consumer demands. Fintech solutions enable banks and PSPs to outsource some digital solutions, helping them innovate quickly and dedicate their resources to what they know best. Embedded FinTech is growing as marketplaces and vertical SaaS solutions increasingly look to facilitate payments within their platforms. It enables customers to make and receive payments within the platform’s digital ecosystem rather than navigating to another site to complete a transaction. This article looks at the benefits. 

Looking for more in-depth fintech marketing tools and content? Check out one of our helpful guides: 

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